Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync (Weave Sync) 1.6.3

Mozilla add-on that syncs bookmarks and other data


  • Lets you sync bookmarks, passwords, history, tabs and user preferences
  • Great way to keep a backup copy of your bookmarks
  • Works across computers and other devices


  • Configuration of servers is a bit awkward

Very good

Firefox Sync is a Firefox extension that started off as a Mozilla Labs experiment but has now become a popular add on with over a million downloads from the Mozilla site. It basically enables you to sync browser data across multiple computers and devices.

Once you install it in Firefox and create a user account, you're ready to go. Note that you can create a Firefox Sync account using the developer's own servers or you can elect to choose your own personal server if that feels safer for you.

Firefox Sync lets you easily synchronize browser data between multiple instances of Firefox installed on different computers or mobile devices. You can choose which elements you want to sync (such as bookmarks, history, tabs, passwords and user preferences) and also in which direction they should be synced – that is, merging data between your local computer and the server, from your local computer to the server, or vice versa.

Firefox Sync is great not only to maintain all your bookmarks and other data updated between different instances of Firefox, but also to keep a backup copy in case something goes wrong with your browser.

On the downside, Firefox Sync's configuration options are not easy to tweak. For instance, if you want to change the syncing method, you need to log out and log back into the server again. You need to be aware of this, because otherwise you may overwrite the data server with an unwanted local copy.

Firefox Sync is a useful Firefox extension that lets you sync bookmarks, passwords, tabs, user preferences and browsing history between different computers.

(1.6.2) Fix bookmark reordering and duplication issues on upgrade (1.6.2) Fix history and form sync compatibility issues


  • (1.6.2) Fix bookmark reordering and duplication issues on upgrade (1.6.2) Fix history and form sync compatibility issues
Firefox Sync


Firefox Sync (Weave Sync) 1.6.3

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